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Details about your plan, including eligibility, how to enroll, benefits, and co-pays can be found in your school’s plan brochure. To view the plan brochure, click here, then search for your school.
For coverage options for non-students, graduating students, or students that don’t qualify for school health insurance plans, you can contact GoHealth by calling 1-855-579-9203 or visiting
The policy number can be found on the cover of your school’s plan brochure.
Health insurance plans are offered in full terms only. The cost per term is the same regardless of the date of purchase.
Payment is due in full at time of enrollment. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and money orders/bank checks.
Refunds are only issued for specific circumstances, such as withdrawal from school, entry into the armed forces, or a qualifying event such as legal separation, divorce, or death. Please see your school’s plan brochure for more details.

If your school’s plan offers dependent coverage, insurance may be purchased for them as long as it is for the same term of coverage as the student. Eligible dependents may include:

  • the spouse or legally registered and valid domestic partner who resides with the insured student
  • the student’s, the spouse’s, or the domestic partner’s natural child, stepchild or legally adopted child under 26 years of age

Note: Domestic partnership rules vary by school. Please see your school’s plan brochure for more details.

Medical ID cards are most commonly provided in electronic format. If an electronic ID card is available, you can view it by following the instructions listed on your insurance carrier’s website. If the insurance carrier prints ID cards (usually upon request), it will be mailed to your current address on file; you will typically receive it within a few weeks of the date your coverage begins.

Each time you visit a health care provider, make sure you present your medical ID card. Your medical ID card gives the provider the information they need to bill your insurance carrier. The provider then submits claims to the carrier for payment, and any remaining balance owed will be billed to you.

First, please visit your campus health center, if available. Please note that some medical plans require written permission from the campus health center before you visit an off-campus medical provider. It is not mandatory that you use a provider within your plan’s network. However, you may pay higher coinsurance, or in some cases, you may not be covered when using an out-of-network provider. Please see your school’s plan brochure for more details. If an emergency exists, please call 911.

To obtain a Certificate of Coverage (Letter of Creditable Coverage), sign on for your Student Insurance Account to or register for a Student Insurance Account for a Student Insurance Account. Once you have signed on you will be able to access a PDF of the document in the Enrollment Documents section.

A Student Insurance Account allows enrollees of student insurance plans to view current and past enrollment information, request proof of coverage documents, update contact information, request replacement medical ID cards, and more. You can register for a Student Insurance Account for Student Insurance Account during the online enrollment process.

Yes. You will need to provide the following: your Medical ID number provided by USI Student Insurance (starts with "80"), last name, date of birth, street number, and the last four digits of the phone number used to enroll. To create the account, register for a Student Insurance Account for a Student Insurance Account and follow the steps as indicated.

Call our Customer Care Unit at 1-800-853-5899 M-F, 8am-5pm PST, or send us a message.

Student Insurance

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